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Mark Jeffrey Photography

I'm super sick right now, so instead of a full length post, I got excited and just posted photos. Next time I won't be so sick, I promise.

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A Project I'm Thinking About

I would LOVE to create a "Chelsey calendar" with shots about all the things I love/do.
For example: Music, dance, my various political bla-blas, animals, books etc.

Still working on what shots I would like.

Message me on MM with suggestions or if you'd like to jump aboard. Facebook friends just comment on my page.

New shots coming soon as I get 'em.


Shoot Yesterday

Shot @ the Peace Gardens. It was awesome. Cold, but awesome. I  can't wait to get some shots back to post for you. Mark was great to work with. This guy doesn't mess around. :)

Next week it's a couple shoot. So excited for Danny to be on film with me again. I promise it will be awesome!


Shoots Coming Up!

Keep watching the blog for new stuff. Got two shoots coming up that are sure to be bomb! Can't wait to show everyone how awesome these photographers are!

Be sure to subcribe!