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John Mootz

Had an absolutely wonderful shoot with John on Sunday. The images looked great! I've never had anyone take photos in infrared before, and that was a wild experience! Unfortunately, I won't be able to post the photos on my blog. However, they can soon be found on my Model Mayhem profile. I'll post when they're up.

His work with lighting is amazing. He knows exactly how to show perfection, and hide imperfection, with light.

John is easy to work with. His critique is great! I loved it and definitely wouldn't mind working with him again.


To The Pathetic Person Who Disses Others

I don't really give a flying rat's crap that you must diss on my every post. I find it pathetic actually. Don't you have something better to do with your time than insulting me? Obviously not.

Go ahead and continue commenting. It gives me a good laugh, because I know that you must have some serious self-esteem issues if you're pathetic enough to anonymously insult someone's work.