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Places It Seems Everyone Has Shot At But Me/Serious Disappointment

I am dying for someone to take me to the Salt Flats. I see photos everywhere of awesome reflections. I am jealous.

I also have seen shots done up one Big Cottonwood Canyon that are to die for... The scenery is gorgeous. Also jealous.

Would LOVE go to Emerald Lake if I could do so without dying. :)

Ok, thought I would throw this in here. Recently *inward sigh* I had a KILLER barbarian themed shoot. The shots were AMAZING and I personally think they were the best I have ever taken. Same shoot, sexy santa. Enough said. HOWEVER *dying inside* the camera used (sd and all) took a plunge of death into what seemed like a seriously inviting hot tub.

And I am heartbroken.

The End


Why Models Ask For Pay

#1 If you are shooting someone nude, they should get paid for it. It's not easy to work with someone new and immediately strip.

#2 I can't even tell you how many times I was supposed to receive prints yet didn't. Photographers are just as flaky as models.

#3 If a model has EXPERIENCE she should be paid. TFP should be reserved only for people who need shots added to their portfolio, otherwise what is the portfolio even for? To get more TFP? Please.

If you are a Utah photographer and you think you're hot stuff, then by all means, don't pay models. But I wouldn't expect to get anything worth anything. And if "supposedly" you make a living as a photographer, then you should be able to pay a poor model who can barely afford to make it to a shoot that you're not willing to help out in gas with.

As for me, I ask for pay because I shoot almost exclusively nude. I should be paid for my time. I don't see any photographers stripping at shoots. All I see is a guy who is expecting me to get naked for free, for shots I will never see again.

Before you rip on Utah models, maybe you should take a look at YOUR work and what makes you so high and mighty that you can insult a model for even suggesting that she should be paid. Especially when that model can easily rival any TFP model you've used in the past.


How to Contact Me

There are quite a few ways you can get a hold of me. Facebook is an easy one. Feel free to add me here.
For photographers/artists who would like to get in contact with me, email .

Feel free to leave comments on my blog. I'm free to answer any questions you may have about virtually anything. :)

M.K.B. Images (2)

Thought I would share a few more photos by Mike with you!  These are some of my favorites. Enjoy!


JFF Images

For being a landscape photographer who has just switched to shooting models, Jeff comes up with superb, fun images. He is easy to get along with, very professional, and very nice.

This is a photographer that you don't have to worry about boundaries with. Trust me. He is probably more uncomfortable about walking the line than you are. His photos are tasteful. I love the implieds he shot for me. They are sexy without revealing too much.

Here are some of my favorites.

See his portfolio and contact @

Photos © JFF Images

Salt City Red

Absolutely easy to get along with, Red makes you feel comfortable. He is full of encouraging words and great ideas. He really knows his lighting, and is not afraid to try something new.

A true artist, his work does not mirror the "every  day" modeling we see all the time. I don't know about you, but I find it refreshing to get away from the "sexy arched back leg popped" look sometimes.

His work is colorful. At times he adds graphic art into the photo, helping make the photo pop and giving it almost a surreal feel. Check him out!

See his portfolio and contact @

Photos © Salt City Red


Portraits by Nedelka

Nedelka is a hard-working mom. She is the designer, the make-up artist, and the photographer. Her images pop with the right use of colors and lighting.

She was the first photographer I ever shot with. I was new, yet we still managed to pull off some cooool shots ;)  The gypsy thing in this photo is awesome. I had just come out of my crazy gypsy/nomad phase.

I love this shot, I love her. You should too.

See her portfolio, contact @

Photos © Portraits By Nedelka


M.K.B. Images

Mike is a cool dude. He is super flexible and always willing to respect your boundaries.

Mike was the second photographer I ever worked with. He taught me how to pose and how my face looks on film. He gave me the images I needed to get a start in modeling.

He is very talented and I guarantee he will give you the images you need. Don't be intimidated. He's a nice guy who tells it like it is, tastefully. Which is what every model needs.

See his portfolio and contact @ 

Photos © M.K.B. Images

Dream Fantasy Photos

Allan is amazing. He is easy to work with. He makes you feel comfortable. He tells you exactly what his artistic vision is and what he wants.

What comes out of it are amazing fantasy creations that I personally love and think give a nice touch to anyone's portfolio. Whether the photos are dark and sinister or light and playful, they capture the eye and the imagination.

Whether you want to be a fairy, a demon, a warrior, or a sprite, Allan can create it for you. :)

See his portfolio and contact @

Photos © Dream Fantasy Photos

PT Photo

I have worked with Mitch more than I've worked with any other photographer and he is amazing. He is very skilled at posing models and knowing exactly how a body type should be posed. He is quirky, but professional, and I have never been disappointed with his work.

His photos turn out beautifully, even though he does not retouch unless it has been requested. The photos in my MM portfolio are NOT EDITED! That's more than I can say for any other photographer I've worked with.

If you love the natural look, great lighting, creative fun ideas, go with PT Photo. He is wonderful and he will take care of you in any way possible. However, due to drama with prissy models who feel they deserve pay for not working, or wasting time, Mitch is no longer taking new models at this time.

See his portfolio and contact @

Photos © Personal Touch Photography