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Places It Seems Everyone Has Shot At But Me/Serious Disappointment

I am dying for someone to take me to the Salt Flats. I see photos everywhere of awesome reflections. I am jealous.

I also have seen shots done up one Big Cottonwood Canyon that are to die for... The scenery is gorgeous. Also jealous.

Would LOVE go to Emerald Lake if I could do so without dying. :)

Ok, thought I would throw this in here. Recently *inward sigh* I had a KILLER barbarian themed shoot. The shots were AMAZING and I personally think they were the best I have ever taken. Same shoot, sexy santa. Enough said. HOWEVER *dying inside* the camera used (sd and all) took a plunge of death into what seemed like a seriously inviting hot tub.

And I am heartbroken.

The End


M.K.B. Images said...

I'm plannin on a shoot to the Salt Flats this summer with multiple shoots over a two day period....And I wan't u to be involved..........

Chelsey Ypsy said...

Heck yes! Let's do it!