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Why Models Ask For Pay

#1 If you are shooting someone nude, they should get paid for it. It's not easy to work with someone new and immediately strip.

#2 I can't even tell you how many times I was supposed to receive prints yet didn't. Photographers are just as flaky as models.

#3 If a model has EXPERIENCE she should be paid. TFP should be reserved only for people who need shots added to their portfolio, otherwise what is the portfolio even for? To get more TFP? Please.

If you are a Utah photographer and you think you're hot stuff, then by all means, don't pay models. But I wouldn't expect to get anything worth anything. And if "supposedly" you make a living as a photographer, then you should be able to pay a poor model who can barely afford to make it to a shoot that you're not willing to help out in gas with.

As for me, I ask for pay because I shoot almost exclusively nude. I should be paid for my time. I don't see any photographers stripping at shoots. All I see is a guy who is expecting me to get naked for free, for shots I will never see again.

Before you rip on Utah models, maybe you should take a look at YOUR work and what makes you so high and mighty that you can insult a model for even suggesting that she should be paid. Especially when that model can easily rival any TFP model you've used in the past.

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